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Ever Avoided Whitening Treatments To Prevent Post-Whitening Tooth Pain? This LED System Just Might Be Worth The Hype

An innovative way to brighten your smile — and nothing more. And now get 25% off with promo code BuzzFeed25!

Rumor has it many teeth whiteners can cause or aggravate tooth pain — a wincing discomfort that travels through your smile while you're sipping a steaming hot coffee in the morning or biting a refreshing and ice-cold ice cream bar. No thanks!

Colgate believes that everyone deserves a future they can smile about without annoying side effects — cue the Optic White Advanced LED Whitening System.

This patented teeth-whitening system is clinically proven to safely whiten teeth up to six shades whiter — in just about 10 minutes a day for 10 days. So you're left with a vibrant, confident smile without it resulting in tooth pain.

It's pretty simple to use, too! Just add the serum on the top and bottom trays of the blue-light teeth-whitening device, place the tray in your mouth with the blue light on, and wait 10 minutes — next stop, a beautiful, bright smile.

The teeth-whitening device uses over 700 blue lights to activate the teeth-whitening process in order to tackle stains faster all without emitting heat to the teeth. It's specifically designed for NO tooth pain.

The kit includes a 10-day supply of the blue-light-activated teeth-whitening serum, along with the teeth-whitening device and charging case at a special discount of $138.75 (normally $185) for BuzzFeed readers!

It may seem simple, but with the confidence of a bright, beautiful, pain-free smile, nothing can hold you back. Get your kit at ShopSmiles by Colgate, and use promo code BuzzFeed25 to get 25% off!