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The 8 Stages Of Christmas Break: College Edition

It's one heck of a rollercoaster ride.

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1. The instant relief stage


You made it through finals. Your brain does not know the difference between milk and marshmallows, but you did it.

2. The sleeping stage

Friend: You didn't respond to my texts for 72 hours....You: I was sleeping.

Friend: You didn't respond to my texts for 72 hours....

You: I was sleeping.

3. The family gathering stage


Cousin: How is school going?

Aunt: What are you studying again?

Grandma: Where do you want to work at when you graduate in 3 years?

You: School sucks, I don't know what I'm studying and I want to be President when I graduate.

Seriously, enough with the awkward conversation-filling school conversations.

4. The shopping stage


I have no money, but I need to go shopping to buy Christmas presents for my friends, you know.

*Walks out of store with a new pair of shoes, a tote bag, a coat and some earrings.....for yourself* TREAT YOSELF.

5. The Netflix Stage


Even the educational documentaries are interesting at this point.

6. The catching up with friends stage


No, I'm not talking about the show. Well, maybe I am. But your long lost friend you only see during Christmas break, that excitement is real.

7. The eating stage


I consider it a form of exercise.

8. The crap I have to go back to school...but I need a break from my parents stage.


I hate school. I love school. I hate that I love school.

Just kidding, I have know I idea what I should be feeling.

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