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74 Thoughts Everyone Has When Buying Their First Home

All thoughts/panics/fears are totally normal. Buying a home is the biggest of deals. Start your search today with Coldwell Banker!

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1. This place looks so cute!

2. And it's in my budget.

3. Maybe I'll buy the first house I see.

4. Gosh, that's a lot of wallpaper.

5. It smells very musky.

6. OH! That bedroom is where happiness goes to die.

7. NEXT.

8. How many of these walls can I tear down?

9. Someone reeeeeeally loves purple.

10. Formica is paintable, right?

11. How original are original hardwoods?

12. I could probably get on a remodeling TV show.

13. My DIY skills are good. I could probably DIY a breakfast nook.

14. What would this room look like without wood paneling?

15. If I doubled my budget, I could do so many things.

16. THAT could be my neighbor? He looks like a model.

17. This bookcase probably leads to a secret room.

18. What percentage of attics are haunted?

19. For real, this closet is bigger than my first apartment.

20. Are one and a half baths enough?

21. What are closing costs exactly?

22. Am I handy enough to be my own landlord?

23. How does this affect my taxes?

24. Who do I call if something goes wrong?

25. Can I even afford to rent a moving truck?

26. What if I pick the wrong place?!

27. What if I want to move in a year?!



30. This backyard is nice...

31. …but this is not my home.

32. This place is going to be the perfect place.

33. Jeez, these hallways go on for days.

34. A nursery. Awww! That'd make a nice office...

35. …or a nursery.

36. Do I want babies now?!

37. Maybe I'll just get a dog.

38. What would this living room look like without the dried flowers?



41. But I'm not sure if this is the right place for me.

42. Onward! Not giving up! Nope!

43. This open house has so many people.

44. They are my competition.

45. I will smite them down with my FEROCIOUS ATTACK POWERS.

46. What if I were deserted on a kitchen island?

47. Ugh. That couple is so cute; I want to be that couple.

48. This place is kinda farther than I wanted.

49. A condo probably wouldn't be that bad.

50. Ugh, that couple. Enough with the cute. Stahp!

51. This is more space than I need.

52. They love this place much more than I do.

53. They can have it — I'm no monster.

54. I've seen so many houses.

55. I'm going to rent forever.

56. My landlord is going to be all, "Ha! You lose."

57. But my real estate agent seemed pumped on the phone, so I'll try.

58. Wow. Um, this place looks OK.

59. Why is the living room so cute?

60. I want to swim in this natural light.

61. What's wrong with this house?

62. Where is the flaw?

63. I look for the flaw, and I just find more closets.

64. It's official: I want this home.

65. If I pee in the bathroom, does that make it mine?

66. Should I bid higher?

67. Would that make me seem desperate?

68. Why wouldn't someone want all my money?

69. They are taking so long to decide!

70. On TV it took just a commercial break.

71. What if there's a bidding war?!

72. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe again.

73. My real estate agent is calling me.