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Are You Alex Kleinman, Swanson, Or Griffin The Kid?

We want to know what personality you resemble most from some of the stars from AU!

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  1. If you're on your phone, what are you doing?

    Watching sports
    Looking at tinder
    Using GroupMe
  2. If you are insulted on Facebook, what do you do?

    Deal with it and laugh it off
    Spend hours at a time waiting for something to say back
    Immediately over react
  3. When you are at a party, where is someone likely to see you?

    The basement blackout
    Making a joke upstairs
    I'm not going to be at home asleep, not at the party until late.
  4. Would you have sex with a girl on her period

    Nah, unless I'm drunk as fuck
  5. What sports do you like the most?

  6. How do you channel your anger?

    Talk it out with friends
    Break something
    Loudly yell
  7. Where do you go to eat?

  8. It's Tuesday night, 10 PM, where are you?

    Watching sports
    At Jay's, about to go to the gym
    MGC or library
  9. If someone texts you to hang out, but you have work what would you do?

    Say hell yeah and go hang out
    Think about it, and tell them you'll get back to them later
    Ask if they will give you alcohol or weed
  10. What's your favorite brand?

    Old Row
    Vineyard Vines
    Anything a hockey player would wear

Are You Alex Kleinman, Swanson, Or Griffin The Kid?

You got: Alex Kleinman

You are ridiculous. You love to hang out with your friends, as long as they will give you beer and weed. You are the life of the party, until you spit on someones face (but that doesn't deter how much people love you). Your main conversation topics revolve around racism, New Orleans, and fried chicken. Your favorite cuisinery is Popeyes and your favorite Einstein Bagel is nova lox. You have a big heart and you only want people to be nice. Very appreciative and you know how to make a good joke.

Alex Kleinman
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You got: Swanson

You like to think your savage. You are very influenced by the people you hang out with, but at least people hang out with you. You are the life of the party until you are so blackout that you just say "Hey Man". You have a tendency to consume drugs too much, and focus too little on academics. You may think you have low self esteem but you are truly a go getter with a positive attitude. You are very caring for those that are nice to you and you like to rep the underdog aesthetic. Very loyal friend and hype as fuck.

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You got: Griffin

You don't have autism, but people think you do. You may catch yourself watching videos in the library, but at least people come up and talk to you. At your heart, you are a puppy that just wants to be loved. You will do anything you can to support the people that care about you most, even at the expense of your own arm. You love sports, being a goalie, and critical thinking. You are very determined and the best kind of persistent.

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