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Remember, No Slipknot!

Watch what these little monsters do when mother leaves for work. It's apocalyptic!

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O’Keefe Music Foundation

Aaron O'Keefe / Via

If you’re a rocker or ever had dreams of being one, you’ll love what the O’Keefe Music Foundation is all about. With the help of good, generous music lovers like yourself, the foundation and their brilliant team of engineers help these kids rock out, including learning music production, audio engineering, performance, and straight-up jamming together. As you'll see, once you start exploring their plethora of music videos on Aaron O'Keefe's YouTube channel, many of these youngins' switch up their instruments like regular pros.

They usually record in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kids 5-18 years of age can get involved.

According to their FAQ page, all donations go towards producing videos and recordings. But the best part is that participation is free, unless they don’t receive enough donations, and then the kids only have to pay a small fee of $50 to $150 per project. Can you say, School of Rocking hard? These kids are simply the best! Hats of to the O'Keefe Music Foundation!

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