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11 Things You Didn't Know About Your Own Mind

The brain is a magical thing. Check out these facts and hacks!

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1. There's a reason why you can't remember people's names.

It's because there's a theoretical limit to the amount of names and faces you can recall. It's called Dunbar's number,¹ and it's generally around 150. If you're having trouble, repeating aloud the name of someone you just met can help boost your recall.²

3. You think too much.

You have an estimated 25,000–50,000 thoughts per day.⁴ With that much flying through your head, you can imagine how easy it is to become distracted. Experts have found that people who practice mindfulness may experience better short-term memory.⁵

4. You may not be as smart as your ancestors.

The average IQ has actually gone down⁶ by about 1.16 points per decade since 1889. But you could always learn a new instrument: Research suggests that after taking up music lessons, participants showed a greater increase in IQ than those who didn't.⁷

5. Multitasking does more harm⁸ than good.

Switching back and forth between different things can decrease your attention span and short-term memory. Try completing the most important task first thing in the morning and blocking out distractions for 60–90 minutes.⁹

6. You're basically carrying around a huge hard drive in your head.

But with more than a trillion connections between over a billion neurons, it's estimated that our brains have the storage capacity of about 2.5 petabytes.¹ᴼ And yet you're still terrible with names.

10. You're practically a mind reader.

You can tell how a person is feeling by reading their facial expressions, and it's all thanks to the amygdala.¹⁴ The next time you interact with someone, try to subtly study their facial expressions and body language to uncover social cues.¹⁵

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