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The Presidential Elections In Moldova

A pro-Russian politician has won Moldova's presidential election, according to final results released on Monday.

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Moldova has a homophobic president

Te pro-rusian politician, Igor Dodon also known as Igor Gandon, has won the presidential election in Moldova. He didn't wait to see the results of voting from Europe and U.S.A. and started celebrating the victory, as he doesn't respect the people that work there and live there.

The first interview he offered was for a channel that is affiliated to Putin, Porasha24! In this interview, for Porasha24, he confirmed one more time that he recognize Crimea as being a part of Russia, in Moldovan language Porasha.

Igor Gandon is also known as being a homophobe, but he's just pretending to be, to impress he's lord, Putin.

The pro-European candidate does't recognize these elections, as many other politicians from Moldova. Now in the city of Chisinau are protesting few hundreds of pro-Europeans, asking to repeat the elections.

The new president, Gandon, reacted immediately to the protest, he told in a press-conference:

"Don't play with the fire, now i'm almighty, i just have to say a word and 800.000 retirees will be in the capital city of Moldova. "

Also he meant he has the help of Putin, and Porasha's army.

Moldova has fallen....

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