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6 Apps Every College Student Must Have

Keep everything you need in college on the one thing you always have on you- your phone.

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# 1 Dropbox

Say goodbye to your USB and hello to never forgetting an assignment at home ever again. Dropbox can be downloaded on your laptop, computer, phone, tablet, or anything for that matter. So, your work is always with you, and always readily available. So no more having to remember a USB.

# 2 Duolingo

This one is fantastic for people with majors or minors in a foreign language. However even if it is just to meet generic requirements, this app is SUPER helpful because it has daily challenges with grammar and vocabulary to constantly keep the language fresh on your mind.

# 3 Paypal/ Venmo

These are awesome because they make exchanging money with people SO quick and easy. If you bought your friend's lunch, they can transfer money directly into your account in a safe way with either of these apps. And we all know as college students, we want to keep track of our money at all times.

# 4 iStudiez Pro

This is where we get into the portable planner. Now you can know exactly when each of your assignments is due wherever you are so you never forget. This app even allows you to set reminders for when important things are upcoming such as tests.

# 5 1Password

I think this is my favorite app on this list. It basically stores ALL of your passwords, school, social media, banking, ANYTHING and keeps them secure behind a "home" password so that all you have to do is type in the main password to get access to any site you need. This is especially awesome for college students since we are constantly having to update our passwords.

# 6 Spotify

This one may seem strange to correlate to college success, however, it has options of Spotify-created playlists that consist of relax time, study hour, and party tunes. Music for any occasion.

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