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5 Things To Do This Fall

Fall has SO many fin activities to offer. Here are the top five to make sure you check off this season.

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# 1 Go to a Pumpkin Patch

This is a great day because most pumpkin patches not only have loads to choose from, but they also have hay rides and good food and great photo opportunities to take advantage of.

# 2 Carve a Pumpkin

Chances are you won't leave empty handed from the pumpkin patch, so plan a couple hours for carving out your best design and hosting a contest with a few friends. Winner gets bragging rights. Also--Baking pumpkin seeds makes a tasty fall snack.

# 3 Spend time with your family

As college students, getting home on weekends becomes more and more difficult as your education progresses. Make sure when you get a few days off of school that instead of sleeping it away, you really take advantage of having quality time with your family. Also be excited for all of the home cooked meals. Yum.

# 4 Bake something new

An apple pie, a pumpkin pie, or anything else for that matter. Fall has the best flavors and comfort foods out of the year, so perfect a new dish and show it off to your family at Thanksgiving. They won't know what to say when you show them you know how to make more than Ramen noodles.

# 5 Have a bonfire

Get a bunch of friends together, have everyone bring a dish of food, and relax and hangout by the warm fire on a chilly fall night. Doesn't get much better than that.

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