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5 Reasons To Travel Abroad

It wasn't until my senior year of college that I left the soil of the United States. And now that I've had a taste of what life is like abroad, I can't wait to pack my bags again and continue traveling the world.

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# 1 It teaches you to manage your money

The last thing you want to happen while you're thousands of miles away from home, is to run out of money. You learn very quickly while you're in another country to keep very close track of your funds so you don't overspend.

# 2 It makes you eager to learn

The first time you experience a culture different from yours, it leaves you wanting to know more about other people and places.

# 3 It makes you appreciate home

Even if you aren't visiting a third world country, being far away from home will still have you missing things you didn't even know you appreciated. For me, the biggest thing I noticed was how much I appreciate having a restroom readily available whenever I wanted it. In Europe, there are not always bathrooms in every restaurant, and if there are, you MUST be a paying customer to use it.

# 4 It makes you street smart

Pickpocketing is huge in Europe, so I was forced to be more consciously aware of where my belongings were at all time. I bought locks for my backpack and always kept my money under at least one layer of clothing, so it was out of sight.

# 5 It introduces you to new experiences

Only about one third of Americans have traveled overseas. So be the one third that gets to see new places and bring back knowledge of those places and cultures. Don't become comfortable where you are, always strive to do more and see more.

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