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5 Movies Every Girl Should Watch Before Going To College

As girls, we all enjoy hanging out with our friends, binge eating junk food, and talking about our lives. Here are a few movies to add to your must-watch list for the summer before you dive into college.

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# 1 Mean Girls

Okay so most girls have probably watched this so many times they have lost count. If so, watch it again. If not, be excited to watch what is considered one of the most quotable movies of all time. Not only is it a funny movie, it actually has some pretty tough lessons hidden in there. It teaches girls to be themselves no matter what and that as girls, we really have to stick together. We can't let each other be our worst enemies.

# 2 Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

This movie is a great summer film with pretty scenes filmed in Greece. And also young Blake Lively is in it and it's about having amazing best friends and what it's like to be apart from them. Need I say more?

# 3 She's the Man

This one is about a gut liking you for who you are, chasing after what you want, and being resourceful and using a tampon to stop a bloody nose. All great lessons to learn before entering college.

# 4 Pitch Perfect

This one is about a girl with a creepy roommate, at a new school, that manages to find a group she clicks really well with and that makes her feel at home. Get involved on campus and find the Fat Amy to your Beca.

# 5 Legally Blonde

Best moment: When Elle Woods' rude ex tells her she could never get into law school, he passes her on campus at Harvard and asked her how she got in. Her response? "Oh what? Like it's hard?" Girl power.

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