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Secret Codes On Tinder — For All The Newbies

People are on Tinder for different reason: sex, romance, they are lonely or looking for the urban legend of true love on tinder. In the world of online dating, there are secret codes or slang used from the Bio to the conversation. Here are some of the codes for you if you are new to this online dating world.

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Netflix and Chill


Definition : It is one of the most known code for going over to someone’s place to have sex. You might actually open Netflix and watch a little, but it will eventually become background noise.

How to use it : When you want to have sex with the person you are on Tinder with, you can ask "Are you interested in Netflix and Chilling at my place or yours?"



Definition : 420 is a code for Weed or Marijuana. When a person says they are "420 friendly" it means they are accepting of smoking marijuana or are open to being with people who do.

How to use it : Mostly used in the bio to show you are a smoker, or are friendly and open to weed.



Definition : Friends with Benefits. A person you have sex with who you are not emotionally attached with or have any commitment.

How to use it : it can be used in the bio to show you are looking for a FWB or when others asked what you are on Tinder for, you can tell them you are looking for FWB.



Definition: Down to Fuck. A person who is willing to just have sex. This term means the process in communicating any emotional attachment can be excluded, and you can go straight to your physical desire.

How to use it : It is mostly used when describing a person to other. For example, your friend ask you about the guy you meet on Tinder: "Hey do you think that guy is DTF?" and you can answer, "Yea, he asked me to Netflix and chill this weekend."



Definition: Age, Sex, Location. How old you are, your gender and where you live. Maybe to Netflix and chill later once everything is confirmed.

How to use it : ASL is mostly used during conversations. For example: "What is your ASL?"

Pillow Fighter


Definition: A guy who is looking to have a threesome with 2 women. A dreams come true for most guys.

How to use it : Mostly used in the bio page of the guy. For example, "Awesome Pillow Fighter"

What are you looking for?


Definition: "Please just say you are looking for sex, so we can hook up". Normally people who ask this question are looking for sex and they just want to make sure you two are on the same page.

How to use it : Normally asked in the beginning of conversation, so no time is wasted.

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