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Made In China: 10 Business Fakes

China has become known as the epicenter for producing a wide variety of counterfeit and bootlegged consumer products, but a trend has emerged over the past few years of faking full retail operations.

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  • Fake Apple Store

    Fake Apple Store

    Recently, the discovery of illegitimate Apple stores in several Chinese cities sparked controversy both in China and the U.S. The fake Apple store.

  • Fake Disneyland

    Fake Disneyland

    Although fake stores are relatively widespread in China, more elaborate, but equally illegitimate theme parks have also been built.

  • Fake Nike Store

    Fake Nike Store

    Another popular brand in China is Nike , and along with that popularity comes knock-off stores, such as this one, pictured left. Nike has been manufacturing in the region for decades and China also remains a major source of counterfeit Nike products.

  • Fake Starbucks

    Fake Starbucks

    If it works in the West, its a sign that China copy-cat stores may not be far behind. In 2006, Starbucks was successful in an intellectual property case against a Chinese company that operated under the name Xingbake, which is Chinese for Starbucks. See the rest at