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11 Things You're Sure To See On The Day Of The CMU-WMU Game

At this years Central Michigan versus Western Michigan football game the atmosphere will be electric with the tension of a heated rivalry in the air. These are 11 things you might just see around Mount Pleasant on October 1st.

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11. Cops


With CMU's football season off to a exciting start there will undoubtedly be more cops than necessary policing the tailgate. Early reports indicate an expected cop to student ratio of 2-1. While they may seem unfriendly or angry they are known to be some of the best beer pong players in the state so be sure to use your celeb shot wisely.

10. Students buying absurd amounts of alcohol

$10 cases of beer and cheap fifths are always among the most popular choices for tailgate. Look for liquor stores to be jam packed on the morning of the game and all weekend as the party goes all weekend long.

8. CMU Students Strutting to Tailgate

Every CMU student will be walking to tailgate with the confidence of Beyonce' knowing the beat down that is soon to come. It may also have to do with alcohol but the research is still out at that.

7. Pretty Women Dancing on Elevated Surfaces

By the time some people are eating their dinner countless girls will think they can dance like they are Miley Cyrus in a music video. Lets just hope it's not from the Wrecking Ball Video. Anything that can be stood on will be so keep your eyes open.

6. Townies Shagging Cans

Where do the come from? Nobody knows but every drinking holiday they come from all over the area to pick up beer cans as a way of life. Weird or a way of life; we're not sure but they seem to enjoy it and isn't that all the matters?

5. Western Kids that Can't Hang

Every year the Central-Western game is one of the biggest events for both sides throughout the school year. In the midst of this heated rivalry is the fact that oftentimes Western Michigan students just can't hang with the Chips. Look for a repeat of this great tradition in 2016.

4. Students Chugging the Booze They Can't Bring into the Game

No backpacks allowed in the game mean a serious conflict. Go in the game and support the Chippewas while ditching your extra booze or skip the game and save the booze. Of course there is always option number 3 which requires some serious chugging but you learned that freshmen year didn't you?

3. Our Badass Coach

The GOAT, our savior or just Coach Bono. He beat cancer, he helped the Chips beat a ranked team for the first time since 1991, and now he's ready to beat the Broncos. This man knows how to FIRE UP!

2. Heisman Candidate Cooper Rush

A starter for most of his four years at QB, Cooper Rush has an opportunity to rewrite the CMU record books and is off to a good start to do it. In the midst of chasing down Dan Lefevour for countless records, Cooper has been leading the Chips to a great start to the season. After beating Oklahoma State in a game for the ages, Cooper looks to lead the Chippewas to a MAC title this year.

1. An Actual Football game

If you manage to survive the tailgate come be apart of history and enjoy a legendary game. Whether your style is to leave at halftime or you only want to see a few plays make sure to get into the game and support our football team. And always remember to FIRE UP!

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