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18 Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Life

Some folks just have the worst luck. Be glad you're you and not them.

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1. This girl who's just trying to have a #goodtime.

Not so good now, is it?

2. "No, not my computer! I need that to compute!" what this guy is probably saying and thinking.

3. Darwinism in one beautiful GIF.

Forever enshrined on the internet.


Concrete blocks: 1

Man in car: 0

Can't wait for the rematch.

5. This poor guy who's just trying to do his job.

This is how the war against the machines starts: a guy trying to stop his lawnmower on a highway median.

6. "Doo doo doo, just riding my motorcy— WHOOPSIES!!!"

Whoopsie daisy! That's not the road, bud! Oops!

7. Oh no, not the chairs! Anything but the chairs!

Great, it'll take at least a year to set those up again. Thanks a lot, Jeremy!

8. This guy who surely got a girlfriend after this cool move.

He's not even wearing a helmet. SMDH.

9. This clumsy panda who just wanted a good chill spot to chill out and be a panda.

Keep your chin up, panda! Sometimes in life, the branch you're sitting on gives way from underneath your panda rump. It is how you choose to react that defines you.

10. Uh-oh! Not the birthday cake! And the table! And Uncle Gary! Shoot!

Worst. Flag Day. Ever.

11. Pal, boats aren't supposed to go there!

Hey, someone tell this guy that's not how boats work!

12. This sore-butted dude who lost his rhythm.

In many ways, we are all this kid on the slide: flip-flopping through life on our sore heinies until we splash into murky water.

13. Snow is nature's failure pillow.

So soft. So forgiving.

14. This dizzy little squirrel who's just trying to get a nut.*

15. If this guy meant to do that, then this is actually very impressive.

Doing a backflip into a moving truck, then falling out of that truck is no easy feat!


The truck is you, and the bridge is Mondays. LMAO.


This time the truck is Tuesday, and you are the sign.

18. "Whoops! I honestly didn't think that would happen."

People should just stop driving trucks.

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