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10 Ways Nashville Might Surprise You

The truth is Nashville has something for everyone, just like country music itself. Tune in to the CMT Music Awards on June 8 to join in the fun!

1. Big news: If you're into beer, Nashville has you covered.

Dogs are allowed inside Little Harpeth Brewing, and as if that weren't enough (AS IF), they also feature a live show once a month in their gorgeous, skyline-adjacent backyard. And at Smith and Lentz Brewing Company, food trucks and board games are on the menu.

2. Nashville even has the first female-owned brewery in Tennessee!

3. And of course Nashville has amazing Southern food.

4. But it also has food options you might not expect...

For example, there's plenty for vegetarians and vegans to love too! The Wild Cow is a local vegetarian favorite. And if you're not vegetarian but want something a little less BBQ heavy, hit up The Dog of Nashville, where you can try every variety of hot dog you could ever imagine.

5. ...including some serious fine dining.

Husk Restaurant is just one of many amazing refined dining options Nashville has to offer. Also, Husk is located in a historic mansion that served as the mayor's home in 1897. Not too shabby.

6. We all know Nashville has amazing music venues...

...but did you know those venues feature all kinds of music?

The Basement and The Basement East are sister locations that both have a jam-packed schedule of diverse and awesome bands every night.

Like, seriously, all kinds!

7. Nashville is an amazing place to explore the outdoors.

Go for a jog around Shelby Park, or plan a long hike (or just a picnic!) in Percy Warner Park.

8. It also has something for every art lover.

9. And socializing in Nashville takes many forms.

Pinewood Social is an all-inclusive social experience. There's coffee, tea, food, alcohol, games, pools, bowling, and just hanging. Don't you wish your city had one of these?

10. In short, Nashville has something for everyone.

Nashville is a special place! Get in on the Nashville action and tune in to the CMT Music Awards on June 8.