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15 Reasons Why Southern Gentlemen Are The Epitome Of Relationship Goals

The dudes from The Dude Perfect Show know a thing or two about being Southern gentlemen with a goofy side. Watch it every Thursday starting on April 14 9pm/8c only on CMT.

1. They will give you cute pet names like "sweetheart" and "darlin'."

2. They have the best manners.

3. They love to be on the road.

4. They have an adorable accent.

5. They have strong family values.

6. They love their mommas.

7. They can clean up mighty nice.

8. Their compliments come in the form of poetry.

9. They know the importance of hard work.

10. They can cook a mean meal.

11. Your folks will immediately love them.

12. They are supportive and strong.

13. They believe in something bigger than themselves.

14. They will treat you with fairness and respect.

15. And they can stomp out a mean two-step.

A Southern gentleman = relationship goals. The Dude Perfect Show = squad goals. Catch its premiere on CMT on Thursday, April 14, 9pm/8c.

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