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5 Military Discounts To Look For When Planning A Vacation

Don't forget about these Military discounts. Find out what you need to look out for on your next vacation!

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5 Military Discounts to Look for when Planning a Vacation

Long time military families are familiar with the various discounts offered and typically know when and where to flash their military ID to obtain those discounts. But people new to the military experience, especially military spouses, don’t often remember to check for discounts when planning vacations.

It’s a perk that shouldn’t be overlooked and here are 5 of the most helpful.


Most of the major airlines offer some sort of discount for military personnel and their dependents. Years ago, Southwest offered a BOGO when purchasing tickets but these days, it’s typically a specific percentage off the price. If you can’t find a military discount tab online, call the airline directly or speak with a travel agent. If all else fails, speak to a representative when checking in at the airport and if a discount isn’t available, maybe an upgrade is possible.


Who calls to book hotel these days? Almost nobody is the answer to that question. However, like the airlines, many hotels that offer military discounts on rooms don’t have it on their websites or at least it isn’t obvious. Take one of the hotels in Daytona, Fl for instance. They offer special room prices and information about obtaining those prices is on their main website page but not necessarily on the booking page. Again, if all else fails, mention it at check-in and the bill will be adjusted.


Theme park vacations have grown in popularity over the last couple of decades and like hotels and airlines, they offer military discounts of even free days. Seaworld® in Orlando, Fl, offers active duty personnel and up to 6 dependents one free park day annually. That is incredibly generous and for anyone serving in the southeast, it’s something special to take advantage of.

Walt Disney World offers a greatly discounted price for 4-day hopper passes, good in the 4 main theme parks on Disney property. For just a little over the cost of a one-day park ticket, you get 4 full days. Couple that with special pricing on certain resort rooms, and your dream vacation just became affordable.


Rental car companies also offer special military discounts. In fact, they love when military personnel rent their cars because of their tendency toward safety and following the laws of the road. The discounts are usually a percentage off the rental price or an extra day for free. Each company discount varies so check around and find the right deal for your plans.


Many restaurants offer discounts and some you might not expect are included, such as Rainforest Cafe. Look for lively and exciting restaurants such as this when planning vacations because it’s easy on the wallet and enjoyable for the whole family, especially the kids.

Basically, don’t be afraid to ask and flash that military ID. You might be surprised at the number of businesses that have discounts. If you forget when booking flight, hotel or restaurant reservations, simply ask at check-in. Most managers will be glad to make the necessary adjustments. The worst thing that can happen is being told “No, we’re not offering a discount at this time.” But seriously, so many do offer discounts, it’s always worth checking. Don’t be a ninny about it, just ask.

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