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I Saw Adele Calling You With A Nokia

Mobile phones are marketed to us as a device that connects us with one another. This creates a fake utopia masks some problems that come along with mobile devices. Here is my critique of the technological utopia.

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1. "Hello, its me. I was wondering after all these years you'd like to meet."


A constant debate has been whether to buy an iPhone or Samsung. However you can't get rid of your Nokia phone because you'll always reminisce of how things use to be.

Once technology is introduced into a society, it is indestructible. It's like karma and karma always comes to bite you back.

2. "I'm in California dreaming about who we use to be.."


"...Dreaming about who we use to be..." Even though we have so many prohibitions with cell phone use, you see still people access their device during the most inappropriate times. These instances include: driving, in lecture, dinner table, and during dates.

Technology inherently does not make our world a better place. In fact, it creates many societal problems that we are slowly accepting as norms.

3. “… I’ve forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet.”


"... before the world fell at our (face)"

Close your eyes and think a little bit harder than you will recall that occasionally when we lie awake to read at night, our arms get too tired and the book falls. Those few seconds between the book in the air to it landing on your face feels like you are waiting for your impending doom.

Replace the book with a phone. Who hasn't experienced our phones falling on our faces? Now we know how Humpty Dumpty felt when he fell off the wall.

4. “…But it don’t matter it clearly doesn’t tear you apart anymore.”


Our cellphones gives us the perception that it brings us closer. However the truth is that it actually separates us apart even more. We rather text out our feelings to each other than say it face to face. We rather go on Skype and Netflix with each other than actually coming out to meet with each other.

So instead of helping us connect through the distance it actually does tear us apart.

5. "I hope that you’re well. Did you ever make it out of that town where nothing happened?”


Nokia's slogan is that it connects people. However inherently all cellphones claim to do that. So what separates Nokia between other brands is that it use to be from the past but it is never forgotten.

6. "They say that time's suppose to heal ya, but i ain't done much healing"

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You can break the hardware but you can never break the software because newer models are based off of the older version. Think about iPhone updates, from IOS 8 to 9 to 10. Each is built upon each other.

7. "There's such a difference between us"

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Technology plays a big part in our society. As newer tech are introduced it changes our us and creates differences between societies. Think about places where they don't have access to cell phone communication. Their community are smaller and more tight knitted compared to ours. We are all spread around and take technology for granted.

8. "But when I call, you never seem to be home"

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I want to demonstrate the idea that technology has changed us as humans. A lot of the times our physical bodies are here but our mind is elsewhere. For example driving and texting, while our bodies are physically in the car, our mind is wondering what that notification was that lit up our phone.

9. "It's no secret that both of us are running out of time"

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With newer cell phone models coming out we are forgetting where communication all inherently came from. We are forgetting the original values and meaning because within our culture new is always better because of the technological change.

10. "Its so (not) typical of me to talk about myself"

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We need to talk about issues that arise from technology to our society. We don't talk about it enough because it's scary to see the truth and scary to see that behind all these devices that supposedly make our life easier, isn't actually helping us that much.

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