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11 Socially Awkward Moments At Work Everyone Can Relate To

Getting ahead shouldn't mean schmoozing, but unfortunately sometimes it's required. Get your CMA today!

1. The CEO called you the wrong name on your first day...and you've still never corrected him.

2. You DM someone even though they are sitting next to you.

3. You love team outings, except for the "team" part.

4. You don't know the person who you're supposed to be office Secret Santa to, like, at all.

5. Sometimes you take a bathroom break even though you don’t have to go — just to have some alone time.

6. At a networking event, you do a good job networking with the bartender only.

7. You're pretty sure some of your coworkers have never heard your real voice.

8. You've thrown away every business card you've ever received because you'd rather not follow up. Meanwhile, you have a full stack of business cards on your desk that you've never given out.

9. You're always suspiciously "busy" whenever someone has their baby shower in the office.

10. Drafting a single email takes approximately eight hours because you want to make sure you don't sound mean.

11. There are crumbs all over your desk from all the times you've eaten lunch there.

It's not that you don't like working; it's that the hardest part is interacting with your coworkers. Getting your CMA will give you more confidence and help you overcome your anxieties in the workplace!