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12 Things Anyone Who Has Ever Tried To Wear White Will Understand

With summer right around the corner, it's time to unpack your whites. But why is it impossible to wear that color without spilling? Fear not! With a little help from Clorox Bleach, your whites will be back to white after every wash.

1. You start the morning looking like you stepped out of a magazine in head-to-toe white:

But within minutes of leaving your home, you're covered in stains:


2. The lids on to-go cups are not your friends:

3. Nothing — nothing! — is scarier than a child with finger paint:

4. Eating anything that requires a spoon while wearing white will never end well:

5. And seriously, don't even THINK about trying to eat spaghetti:

6. Barbecue season unfortunately overlaps with "white jeans" season:

7. But it's no coincidence that white wine is most popular during the summer months:

8. Because no one wants to be the person at dinner who spills red wine all over everything and everyone:

9. And anyone who says "I'll be careful with it" is ~probably~ not telling the truth:

10. No one in their right mind would ever sit on freshly cut grass while wearing white:

11. There's no good way to put on makeup without either spilling it or smudging it:

12. Just when you thought you made it through the day, you always find that one stain:

With Clorox Bleach, stains don't have to get in the way of your summer style!