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14 Signs You're A Total Hot Mess

Because cleaning is way too hard, right? Wrong. If your life is covered in a layer of filth, it's time to turn to Clorox and clean up your act the fun, easy way.

1. Trying to navigate your kitchen looks a little like this...

2. ...but that's cool, because your bed doubles as a kitchen table.

3. This is the reaction of anybody who enters your apartment:

4. Even your mice feel dirty.

5. You can't even have dinner without complete disaster.

6. You've mastered how to do everything with a broom besides actual sweeping.

7. This is your version of "doing the dishes"...

8. ...which explains why even the dog won't eat off your plates.

9. You're not sure how long you've been wearing this one pair of socks.

10. You haven't seen your bedroom floor in approximately three months.

11. There are living organisms growing in your fridge.

12. Your shower is crying out for help. And bleach.

13. This GIF sums up your entire history with vacuuming:

14. And your reaction to spring cleaning:

We all face daily mess, it's just that some of us face a little more than others. To eliminate the filth from your life, visit Clorox's website and enjoy the fun side of mess.