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Paid PostMay 2, 2018

These Cleaning Things Are So Oddly Satisfying

There's nothing strange about loving the oddly satisfying.

1. One-Wipe Wonder

"Being able to clean a surface in one swipe."

—Emily C.

2. Soak It Up

"Scrubbing a completely caked baking sheet after you've let it soak for a while so everything is softened and scrubs off easily in one swipe."

—Andrew C.

3. Finger-pickin' Good

"Peeling off a gel manicure in one swipe is the most satisfying."

—Alexandra S.

4. Noisy Nirvana

"Vacuuming is incredibly satisfying; watching it swipe across the carpet and seeing fresh, clean, crumb-less, and hair-less fibers beneath is purifying to my soul. "

—Mandy C.

5. Don't Sleep on This

"Waking up right before my alarm goes off so my precious slumber isn't disturbed by some horrible sound."

—Alex W.

6. Wishy-washy

“When all your laundry fits in one load.”

—Emily C.

7. Awesome Aroma

"When you get a new dish sponge and it smells so clean and you know it's not filled with germs."

—Victoria H.

8. Liquid Perfection

"When those refillable water fountains fill your bottle perfectly to the brim without overflowing."

—Tara P.

9. Lookin' Fresh

“Rockin’ a pair of freshly cleaned kicks.”

—Tim U.

10. Two Birds, One Sponge

"I keep a sponge in my shower so I can clean my shower each time I'm in there. It feels nice to do two jobs at once. Cleaning myself and my bathroom."

—Grace S.

11. Nailed It

"When you are trying to organize a big box of stuff and all the little stuff just fits right into place like puzzle pieces."

—Sam C.

12. Now We're Cookin'

"Wiping off the grime from your stove after letting stove cleaner marinate on it for a while."

—Samra S.

Animations by Lyla Ribot.

It's spring cleaning season. Have yourself an oddly satisfying time with Clorox.

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