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Paid PostApr 24, 2014

13 Little Dogs With Big Messes

They say big things come in small packages. These dogs are out to prove that mess is no exception. Learn to laugh off those daily disasters knowing that no matter how big the mess, Clorox has your back.

1. This pup who wanted to get as close to the fluff as possible.

2. This dog who got overexcited about her stocking stuffers:

Jay Ondreicka / Via

3. This boy who initially meant to knit you a scarf.

Anneka / Via

4. This pooch who lacks control at dinnertime...

Michelle D. Milliman / Via

5. ...and this one, who's more partial to dessert:

Martin Poole / Via

6. This dog who thinks he made the bed for you:

Jeroen van den Broek / Via

7. This guy who's taking a "bath":

Bernd_M / Via

8. These puppies who don't know the difference between inside and outside:

CountryStyle Photography / Via

9. This girl who misunderstood what the toilet paper is for:

Jackie Neff / Via

10. These furry friends who gave up on that whole "cleaning" thing:

WilleeCole / Via

11. This dog who had a sneaky little helper:

Pete Broyles / Via

12. This pup who may or may not have tried to climb a houseplant:

Miriam Doerr / Via

13. And this dog who's just being a dog:

WilleeCole Photography / Via

One thing's for sure: The mess will always be bigger than the dog. Luckily they're so adorable. Once you're finished laughing at these guys, head to Clorox's website to enjoy the fun side of mess.