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23 Reasons Why Ashley Tisdale Is Your New BFF

All hail Tisdale. Check her out on Clipped, the new comedy on TBS premiering Tuesday, June 16 at 10/9c!

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You may remember her from a certain popular high school franchise.

Once a wildcat, always a wildcat!Can't believe it's been 6 years since I graduated from east high lol #HSM3memories

Via Twitter: @ashleytisdale

1. Maybe you haven't kept up with her in recent years. But that's OK because, like any good BFF, she forgives you.

2. Her adorable dog Maui also forgives you.

3. Like seriously, though — how cute is Maui?

4. Reasons other than Maui you need some Ashley in your life: She throws fabulous holiday dinners.

5. And if you need wedding planning tips, she can help. Hers was perfect.

6. She tries all of the latest hairstyles so you don't have to.

7. But still isn't afraid to ask you for hair help when she needs it.

A braid within a braid!? I can't do this but my sis can! Anyone know a YouTube tutorial to get this braid? #hairinspo

8. She knows just how to keep you motivated.

Every day strive to be a better person than the day before #beyourbest

9. Her fashion sense is on point. For example: She looks good dressed up.

10. She looks good dressed down.

11. She even looks good in all black and a porkpie hat.

12. Which makes total sense, because this is her freaking closet:

"Um...can I borrow EVERYTHING?"

13. Her selfie game is strong.

14. But she reminds you that even the selfie pros struggle sometimes.

Do you know how many times I've hit myself in the face with my cell phone tryin to take a selfie? That Sh*t hurts :/ #selfieproblems

15. And even though she is a workout inspiration...

Quick gym break in between meetings #reelscreen #getit


16. ...she also reminds you that it's OK to skip a few days and give in to your base desires...

The amount of pictures of donuts posted today is really not helping my new workout regimen. Feel like the universe is testing me....

17. ...and that sometimes you need to add a little bit of flair to your workout routines.

Trainer: now spin and high kick (My version of that) Trainer: no twirling, no twirling in kickboxing Me:I wanted to add something extra 😉

18. She can get you into all of the hip new festivals like "Couchella."

19. She completely understands your emoji struggles.

I'm still not super comfortable with emojis... I'm like which one? Is this lame? Is this weird? What does THIS one mean? #emojiissues

21. But also keeps it healthy with her homemade breakfast smoothies.

22. She's definitely embarrassed by some of the choices her younger self made, just like you.

"#FBF to my music video "Not Like That" when I thought I was super cool and sexy with a penguin next to me? #strangechoices but I was #headstrong"

23. And if these reasons aren't enough to convince you, just take another look at Maui.

Be sure to catch up with Ashley Tisdale on Clipped, the new comedy on TBS premiering Tuesday, June 16 at 10/9c!

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