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Reasons Why Moisturizer Is Actually The Most Powerful Tool In Your Skincare Arsenal

It's called self-care for a reason. You deserve to glow up from the inside out. Let your moisturizer work for you even more with Clinique.

You hear it in your head when you wake up, when you look in the mirror, or after a shower: your mom's voice telling you to moisturize.

Woman with her hair in a towel looks in the mirror.

So here's where your daily moisturizer can make life easier.

It also contains aloe bio-ferment, which helps hold in moisture and helps plump your skin so it looks smoother.

An aloe plant against a white background.

So you're not just dabbing on moisturizer. You're giving your face an instant moisture boost that lasts for 100 hours!

A smiling woman wearing sunglasses stands on a city street.

But don't stop with your face. Not with this moisturizer. Use it on other familiar dry spots like your elbows.

A woman standing with her arm bent, emphasizing her elbow.

And your cuticles.

A woman holds up both beautifully manicured hands.

This one moisturizer can help you in many ways. But most importantly, it delivers the glow.

Close-up on a woman with red lipstick, radiant skin; her eyes closed.

So help your skin get hydrated and stay hydrated in so many ways with just one product: Clinique Moisture Surge™ 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator.

All images courtesy of Getty and Clinique.