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12 Reasons We Wish Video Games Were Real Life

There are no cheat codes for real life. But with Clearasil Ultra, you can get pretty darn close!

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1. You'd get to choose your own avatar.

2. You'd have multiple lives so you could do more dumb stuff.

3. Fighting would be much simpler.

4. You'd always have the option of "practice mode."

5. You'd have cheat codes to do all the things you can't do normally.

6. Everything would be faster.

7. You could set your life to "easy" mode.

8. You could find valuable things under random inanimate objects.

9. Everything you did would come with awesome sound effects.

10. You could drive fast and never get pulled over.

11. You could always "restart" if things went wrong.

12. But at the end of the day, real life is pretty great too.