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13 Problems Only Gamers Understand

Ready player one. Get in the game with Clearasil Ultra!

1. Temporal disparities.

Emily Steele / BuzzFeed

And then you have to race back to the game so your character doesn't get killed.

2. Innocent bystander casualties. / Via

Sometimes it happens.

3. Overly intense learning curves. / Via

"If I can run in real life, I should be able to run in a game."

4. Pre-ordering a game that changes its release date from one month from now to one year from now.

Faye Kahn / BuzzFeed

5. An insanely steep uptick in difficulty on final boss levels.

2.5 hours to make it to the final boss, 2.5 hours JUST TO DEFEAT the final boss.

6. Or worse: realizing the last hour you spent defeating a boss was actually spent defeating a miniboss.

r u srs rite now.

7. Buying DLC and then realizing it's a new storyline and there are no new weapons.

It's just not FAIR!

8. Reaching a point in the game where you have literally no idea what you're supposed to do.

And then you're reduced to a walkthrough. A WALKTHROUGH.

9. Realizing you're as far as you can go in the game without connecting to Facebook and asking friends for help.

Um, no.

10. Speeding through a game too fast and then wishing you could play it again for the first time.

Tyler Naugle / BuzzFeed


11. Losing internet connection on an online game.

12. Dying INCHES before a checkpoint.

So. Close.

13. And of course, the dreaded hand cramp.

Get this kid a banana, stat.