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High School According To The Internet

High school: the greatest and/or worst years of your life. Here's how real students on the internet summed it up — the good, the bad, the ugly. School can be hard, but staying true to yourself can be harder. That's why Clean & Clear is here to help.

1. Charming the opposite sex:

2. Speaking up:

3. Getting good grades:

4. Drama:

5. The essentials:

6. Sleep deprivation:

7. Sharing pencils:

8. Playing hooky:

9. Proofreading:

10. Oral presentations...

11. ...and:

12. Test prep:

13. Movie day:

14. Student elections:

15. Social media:

16. Crushes:

17. And more crushes:

18. Bad teachers:

19. And good teachers:

20. Owning it:

High school, summarized: