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Paid PostPosted on Mar 3, 2014

15 Embarrassing Moments You Can Laugh About Now

Cry now, laugh later. As cringeworthy as these moments were, at least they're in the past! Brought to you by CLEAN & CLEAR®.

1. That time someone walked in on you in the bathroom.

2. Those childhood photos of you on the potty.

3. That time you failed at sports.

4. That time you failed at pouring.

5. That time you failed at eating... on a first date.

6. Kissing with braces.

Nickelodeon / SpongeBob SquarePants / Via

7. That dumb Halloween costume your parents made you wear.

8. Those dumb shoes your parents made you wear.

9. Basically everything your parents ever did in front of your friends.

Via Thinkstock

10. That time an escalator got the best of you.

11. Your 12th birthday.

12. Getting pranked by your friends...

13. ...and screaming like a baby.

14. Pranking your friends back... and failing.

15. High school. All of high school.

But at least you can laugh about it now... right?

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