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It's Officially Fall At Trader Joe's, So I Tried Their New Pumpkin Products Along With A Favorite Return — Here Are My Thoughts

In my tasting notes for one of these items, I literally just wrote, "WOW."

If you've walked into a Trader Joe's recently, you probably took in the scent of a cinnamon broom, eyed the skull succulents, and thought to yourself, "Ah, fall is here." And if, like me, your fall countdown starts in August, you're probably pretty thrilled about all the new fall items popping up. So to celebrate my favorite season in the best way possible, I went ahead and grabbed all the new pumpkin products I could get my hands on, along with one returning item I just couldn't pass up tasting.

a full trader joe's cart with some new items on top

Here's everything I grabbed (and, yes, one is butternut squash, but it's pretty much like pumpkin's cousin, right?):

new trader joe's products layed flat on a table

Without further ado, light those vanilla pumpkin candles, pour yourself some harvest tea, and let's dive in, y'all.

1. Butternut Squash Lasagna, $4.49

an unopened box of frozen butternut squash lasagna

I thought it looked promising right out of the container with the pumpkin seeds and breadcrumbs sitting on top.

an unpackaged frozen butternut squash

And it was honestly pretty solid, but I couldn't help but feel like something was missing.

2. Mini Pumpkin Ginger Scones, $4.99

a box of unopened pumpkin ginger scones

The package recommends brushing the tops with milk or cream before putting them in the oven, so I tried with half of them to see if it would make any difference when it came to browning.

four mini scones on a baking tray — half are brushed with milk

These smelled so good out of the oven, and I found them to be the perfect little breakfast treat to have with some coffee.

3. Gluten Free Pumpkin Ravioli, $4.49

an unopened package of gluten free pumpkin ravioli

As always, I think it's only fair to get a filling shot for ravioli. This one looked...less than appetizing and smelled purely like canned pumpkin, which made me a little nervous.

a close-up shot of the filling inside gluten free pumpkin ravioli

My suspicions were confirmed — I could barely get through one bite of these.

plated gluten-free pumpkin ravioli

4. Two Robbers Pumpkin Happy Coffee, $12.99 for four

I loved how this poured and, I kid you not, it smelled exactly like a cinnamon roll. Consider me a fan.

an empty can of pumpkin hard coffee next to a poured glass

5. Pumpkin Sticky Toffee Cakes, $3.99

a box of pumpkin sticky toffee cakes

There are two cakes per box, and they each come in a little plastic bundt-like container that goes straight into the oven for 14–16 minutes.

an unpackaged sticky pumpkin toffee cake in a black plastic container

You'll never be able to eat a sad pumpkin pie ever again after having this. It's the pumpkin dessert to end all pumpkin desserts.

Have you tried any of these new products or others that you have plenty of thoughts on? Sound off in the comments!