The Internet Is Loving These 6 New Summer Items From Trader Joe's, So I Taste-Tested Them All (And Have Plenty Of Thoughts)

    If the s'mores bars are only seasonal, I will scream.

    Anyone who's anyone knows that Trader Joe's isn't just a grocery store, it's an experience. An experience I often spend way too much money on because I'm constantly buying all the fun new snacks. I mean, how can I pass on something that has a big "limited time" or "seasonal" sign on it?!

    A filled Trader Joe's cart

    And because I follow maybe one too many Trader Joe's accounts, I've been closely monitoring all the new items coming in this month, and boy oh boy are there A LOT. I couldn't get my hands on everything, but I did manage to grab six things that I was especially curious about.

    A Trader Joe's basket filled with new items

    Here's a better look at everything I grabbed:

    Trader Joe's items laid out on a table

    So let's get into what I thought about everything!

    1. Tiny Fruity Cuties Cereal, $3.99

    A box of tiny fruity cuties cereal and Claudia eating a bowl

    Here's a closer look at the different shapes, which I thought were adorable. Don't be fooled by the different colors, though — they all tasted the same.

    different cereal shapes in Claudia's hand

    Despite the fun shapes, I wasn't a huge fan of this.

    A bowl of cereal

    2. Pickle Curds, $2.99

    A bag of pickle cheese curds

    And let me tell ya, these were verrryyy good.

    Claudia holds up a pickle curd

    3. Strawberry White Stilton Cheese, $4.99

    A wheel of strawberry stilton cheese with a red wax coating

    Not only was I confused as to how to cut this (more of a me problem), but I couldn't tell if I loved it or hated it.

    A cut open wheel of stilton cheese

    4. S'mores Bars, $4.99

    A box of s'mores bars

    Sprinting to grab these was worth it — they are an absolute dream.

    S'mores bars in a package and a s'mores bar being pulled apart

    5. Vegan Italian Bolognese Ravioli, $3.99

    A package of vegan Italian bolognese ravioli and a one ravioli piece held up by a fork

    Here's a closer look at the inside:

    The inside of a vegan Italian bolognese ravioli

    And, to my surprise, I actually really liked these!

    Plated vegan italian bolognese ravioli

    6. Root Beer Float Bars, $3.49

    a box of root beer float bars and claudia holding one of the bars

    As I suspected, I still don't like root beer. BUT I had some friends try these so I could give an honest review.

    a bitten into root beer float bar

    Have you tried out any of these new products? Let me know what you thought about them in the comments!