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Tell Me A Major WTF Moment You Had When Visiting Your Significant Other’s Home For The First Time

Tell us the discovery that made you want to turn around and leave.

Seeing how your partner lives for the first time can be a bit...jarring. Either you'll be met with a beautiful, welcoming space, or you might just discover a major red flag.

A cozy living room with bookshelves, a patterned couch, records, and a fireplace

So I want to know: What WTF moment did you have when visiting a significant other's, or maybe even a date's, home?

It could be that their space seemed normal at first, but upon further inspection, you noticed that they kept a lot of photos of their ex lying around.

Two people smiling in a close-up selfie

Maybe you were met with the dreaded mattress-on-the-floor and some cardboard box nightstands to accompany it.

Unmade bed with a grey duvet on a wooden floor

Maybe you walked into an absolutely filthy home and were stunned. They may have even tried to serve you food on dishes with noticeable residue.

Kitchen sink filled with dirty dishes and utensils

If you're really unlucky, you may have even discovered that they like to collect weird items (bugs, teeth, used tissues — really anything that transcends the line of "quirky" to "creepy").

A row of variously shaped and sized teeth set against a textured background

Whatever shocked you about how a partner lived, I want to know about it. Comment below about the WTF or red flag moment you had when seeing a partner's (or date's) home for the first time. You can also fill out this form if you prefer to remain anonymous. Your response may be featured in a BuzzFeed Community Post!