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10 Businesses That Are Doing Signage Right

If you want your business to stand out, your signage has to be on point. These are the 10 business that are hitting the nail directly on the head.

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1. UK giant M&S have been onto a winner for a long time with their classic green combo.

2. Sexy, cool and seductive. Victoria's Secret and their signage are irresistible.

3. Sometimes less is more, something which Hollister do very well.

4. Adidas and their iconic signage dominate the world of sports retail.

5. Adored by makeup lovers worldwide, MAC know how to draw customers in with their signage.

6. Everybody loves Lego and this bold, yellow signage at their Leicester Square store is bound to get anybody excited.

7. It's not only their clothing that Topshop gets right every time. Their signage is effortlessly stylish too.

8. Yes, just yes. IKEA's unique blue and yellow signage looks like home.

9. Five Guys' branding another example of simple yet effective signage, bound to get your tummy rumbling.

10. Favoured by sports fanatics, Nike is always ahead of the game with their eye-catching signage.

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