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19 Examples Of The Only Holiday Cards I Would Like To Receive

Bark! The furry angels sing!

1. High tide-ings of flööfy good boys, flööfy goob boooois.

This is my second year making my friend's Christmas card and I can't stop laughing at it. She insists the dogs and chickens be included (even the dead ones)😄

2. He's making a list and checking it twice. Look at this dog; it's certified NICE!

3. Joy to the world, the Westies sing. Let Earth receive her pats.

Courtesy of Erin S.

4. It's Christmastime in Hollis, Queens. Mom's cookin' chicken and tweats for me.

5. Dashing through New York on an oversized doggo. Then jumps out ol' big King Kong and away my dear wife goes! Oh!

Courtesy of Alecia B.

6. But do you recall the coolest reindeer of all?

Courtesy of Solomon R.

7. Hairy infant, so pretty, so mild. Sleep in heavenly peeeeeace.

Courtesy of Isa D,

8. These bois have been good, but that can't last. Hurry Christmas — hurry fast!

Courtesy of Rachel F.

9. You better watch out, you better not cry, you better gib belly rubs, I'm telling you why.

Courtesy of Ryan C.

10. All they want for Christmas is their two flat white...coffees with one packet of Stevia and a splash of oat milk.

11. Bark! The herald angels sing! Glory to this cute family.

Courtesy of Rachel R.

12. I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claws sitting by the Christmas tree last night.

Former #AARdogs sending #Christmas love from their #FureverHome !! #HappyHowlidays #HappyPawlidays #Adopted #Adopt #AnarchyAnimalRescue

13. Santa, Bailey, forgot to mention one little thing: a treat. Can be savory or sweet.

14. O hooomie night, the dogs are deeply sleeping.

Courtesy of Ashley L.

15. O pet, all ye faithful, furry, and triumphant (dogs).

16. Good dogs chilling by an open fire. Pup tongues licking at your nose.

Did I really bribe my dog with 10 bones to sit with me for like 100 pictures? Um hell yes I did Did I really create this Christmas card of us? Oh but of course. Am I the most extra person you know? Probably not

17. Paws on Earth and good pats to these dogs.

i made a christmas card for me and my dogs

18. Borkin' around the Christmas tree as the little corgos clop.

Courtesy of Sarah W.

19. Oh what fun it is to rub these furry munchkins' tums.

Courtesy of Ben R.

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