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    23 '"Scrubs" Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Want To Binge-Watch It RN

    Scrubs is the show that I watch on repeat when I'm sick because it's just so damn good.

    1. When Turk and Carla talked about their future children.

    @pcrrycox / Via

    2. When J.D. acknowledged the truth in this classic line.

    @bob-belcher / Via

    3. When J.D. and Turk bonded over this fabulous TV show.

    @msjessicaday / Via

    4. When Turk cheekily tried to shift the blame to someone else.

    @mogifire / Via

    5. When J.D. and Turk realised how far their relationship had gone.

    @vivienvalentino / Via

    6. And when they made sure there were no secrets between them.

    @mogifire / Via

    Also remember when Mandy Moore made a cameo?!

    7. When Doug showed everyone how to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

    @msjessicaday / Via

    8. When Turk showed everyone his true feelings.

    @timothechallamet / Via

    9. When Elliot didn't shy away from giving her own opinion.

    @vivienvalentino / Via

    10. When J.D. was all of us in an awkward situation.

    @bidoctor / Via

    11. When Dr. Cox nailed the dynamic between J.D. and Turk.

    @enfant-extraterrestre / Via

    12. When J.D. and Turk recreated this classic, slow-mo scene from every famous rom-com.

    @carlysrae / Via

    13. And when they shared this beautiful, bromance moment.

    @tv-teachermothersecretlover / Via

    14. When Dr. Cox's dry humour turned us all into sarcastic, wannabe doctors.

    @spidey11fan11 / Via

    15. When J.D. taught us how to deal with heartbreak.

    @msjessicaday / Via

    16. When the Janitor was brutally honest in every situation.

    @msjessicaday / Via

    17. When Elliot used a metaphor at the EXACT wrong moment.

    @msjessicaday / Via

    18. When J.D. and Turk employed the use of random tangents.

    @pcrrycox / Via

    19. When the Janitor and J.D. taught us all how to produce a killer death stare.

    @pcrrycox / Via

    20. When the show explored the power of the creative arts.

    @xjustpaul / Via

    21. When Turk and J.D. showed everyone how to NOT treat your interns.

    @nenuph-ar / Via

    22. When Turk was literally all of us when it comes to Harry Potter.

    @decently-amusing / Via

    23. And finally, whenever J.D. and Turk express their love for each other.

    @filmtv / Via

    Be still my beating heart.