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    15 Times Keeley From "Ted Lasso" Was Simply The Best

    PR top dog, loyal friend, Roy's biggest fan, and High Street fashion icon.

    1. When she helps Rebecca on the red carpet

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    It's the first time the two connect, and when Rebecca awkwardly doesn't know what to do, Keeley comes in and helps out.

    "Put your hand on your hip and make like a claw shape. It's the most flattering."

    2. Taking Rebecca out after Rupert tries to ruin her gala

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    "Do you wanna get really drunk? Then we can go rob a bank or something."

    3. Being honest with Roy right away after sleeping with Jamie

    Keeley and Roy first kiss
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    A grown-up decision for a grown-up relationship.

    4. Telling Roy he's more than just football

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    Keeley knows. Phoebe knows. Roy just needs someone to tell him. 

    5. Being the best aunt to Phoebe

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    From the very beginning, she makes Phoebe as much a part of her life as Roy.

    6. Setting up sexy Christmas for Roy — and pivoting like a sweetheart

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    January 4 is the new sexiest day of the year. 

    7. Pushing Rebecca to get out there after her divorce

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    John Wingsnight was a bit boring, buuuuut get on Bantr!

    8. Encouraging Roy to be a sports pundit

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    Sky Sports never got so honest.

    9. Smoking a cigarette in the shoe room

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    Improves the smell.

    10. Being a lion in a commercial for coffee-flavored vodka

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    Are you a lion or a panda? According to Rebecca: "What's black and white and red all over?" The answer: "A panda that gets anywhere close to a f*ing lion. The answer is lion."

    11. Her guide to Liverpool infomercial

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    "Here in Liverpool, we have lots of amazing restaurants, pubs, and...the great Asian activity of KARAOKE!"

    12. Helping Nate be assertive

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    GO get the window table at Taste of Athens Wunderkid!

    13. Rocking hair extensions like a pro

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    Slay, queen.

    14. Freaking Rebecca out with her lady pond jokes

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    I mean, I would definitely go there with Hannah Waddington.

    15. Getting off to Roy's emotional vulnerability

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    Masturbating to your boyfriend letting go of his tough exterior? Iconic.