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    15 Times Keeley From "Ted Lasso" Was Simply The Best

    PR top dog, loyal friend, Roy's biggest fan, and High Street fashion icon.

    1. When she helps Rebecca on the red carpet

    2. Taking Rebecca out after Rupert tries to ruin her gala

    3. Being honest with Roy right away after sleeping with Jamie

    Keeley and Roy first kiss

    4. Telling Roy he's more than just football

    5. Being the best aunt to Phoebe

    6. Setting up sexy Christmas for Roy — and pivoting like a sweetheart

    7. Pushing Rebecca to get out there after her divorce

    8. Encouraging Roy to be a sports pundit

    9. Smoking a cigarette in the shoe room

    10. Being a lion in a commercial for coffee-flavored vodka

    11. Her guide to Liverpool infomercial

    12. Helping Nate be assertive

    13. Rocking hair extensions like a pro

    14. Freaking Rebecca out with her lady pond jokes

    15. Getting off to Roy's emotional vulnerability