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    20 Of The Best Small Towns In Texas That Are Absolutely Worth Visiting

    Let's avoid Elon Musk's ranch, OK?

    Texas is a huge and diverse state that's steeped in culture. You'll find everything from cowboys with Wild West lore to Vietnamese shrimping boats and gumbo along the southeastern Gulf beaches.

    With the recent stream of techies and millionaires flocking to the larger cities, let's not forget the charming, hidden gems that make up the Lone Star State. Here are 20 of the best small towns in Texas you should visit. (And if I missed your favorite, drop it in the comments!)

    1. El Paso

    El Paso, Texas

    2. Bandera

    Bandera, Texas

    3. San Marcos

    Kayaking in San Marcos

    4. Canyon

    Landscape of Canyon

    5. Terlingua

    An abandoned old building in Terlingua

    6. Marfa

    Prada installation in Marfa

    7. Georgetown


    8. Jefferson

    The Excelsior House Hotel in Jefferson

    9. Gruene

    A grand white building in Gruene with the US and Texas flags flying in front

    10. South Padre Island

    South Padre Island

    11. Amarillo

    Cadillac ranch in Amarillo

    12. Dripping Springs

    Dripping Springs

    13. Ennis

    Beautiful bluebonnet flowers against a red sky in Ennis

    14. Round Top

    An antique shop in Round Top

    15. Dublin

    The colorful, whimsical Old Doc's Soda Shop in Dublin

    16. Port Aransas

    Pastel exteriors of houses in Port Aransas

    17. Lockhart

    Lockhart's historic downtown

    18. Shiner

    A bottle of Shiner beer

    19. Luckenbach

    An old post office in Luckenbach

    20. Marble Falls

    A deer in Marble Falls

    What's your favorite small town in Texas? Share in the comments!