The 16 Sexiest Things About Roy Kent In "Ted Lasso"

    Friend, uncle, lover.

    "He's here! He's there! He's every fucking where! ROY KENT!"

    Brett Goldstein as Roy Kent in Ted Lasso

    1. When he lets go of Keeley sleeping with Jamie.

    2. When he tells Jamie to stop picking on Nate.

    3. When he reads A Wrinkle in Time to Phoebe.

    4. How he can say so much with one word.

    5. When he helps Phoebe hunt down a dentist on Christmas.

    6. When he does a rom-com run to the Richmond game.

    7. When he hugs Jamie after he punches his father.

    Roy Kent hugging Jamie Tartt

    8. How he gives Keeley what she wants: emotional vulnerability (and oral sex).

    9. When he tells football pundits off.

    10. How he's the best coach the West London Under 9 Girls ever had.

    Roy Keng coaching West London Under 9 Girls

    11. How he helps Isaac rediscover the fun in football.

    12. When he talks to Phoebe about swearing.

    Roy Kent and Phoebe

    13. When he points out that Rebecca deserves more than "fine."

    Keeley looking at Roy

    14. How he understands Keeley's need for space.

    15. How he's adorably obsessed with The Da Vinci Code.

    16. And finally, when he and Keeley are on the treadmill.

    Roy Kent and Phoebe on their treadmills