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I did actually catch this episode tonight. It was a pretty fun time.

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* Yass Bryan is going to kill it this week yaasssss.

* Hot N Cold is still a banger of a tune. Sang the whole theme.

* Mmm the dramatic shots of the cars driving around the Masterchef M is my kink.

* Love it when they speed up the footage.

* Pete fks up the order of the line god bless Pete ur great.

* Matt looks like a mint macaroon.

* Yay a chef I have never heard of.

* This week must be making Michelle so excited because as established last week she can only do desserts.

* Whatt they have to smash the mystery box lids.

* Omg the lids were chocolate.

* What the heck is this Charlie in the Chocolate factory.

* All the contestants just got PRANKEDDDD.

* OMG Eloise is doing a rum caramel??? Thats very out of her comfort zone for her.

* “Whats your definition of simple” - Bryan “like 4-5 elements”. Judges cackle very uncomfortably.

* Arum has made a blended Shrek.

* Bryan is being so cute with the guest chef. He is so flustered but so is she.

* Pete just said “I gotta be on point”. Mmmm yes love this word choice.

* Arum is continuing to make weird green stuff lol.

* Arum's food looks like the secret ingredient was soylent green.

* George just called the contestants cream puffs and I hated every second of it.

* “I take me domes out of the fridge” - You will never guess who said this

* I like how there are ads for lite and easy on during Masterchef. It’s like - does cooking look too hard? Pay us to bring u microwave meals!

* Pete’s shirt is so loud I love it.

* Gary goes over and opens the fridge because he loves to fk things up for people. #STOPTHATGARY

* Bryan is burning his fingers for his art. Thats just beautiful to me tbh.

* Classic monotonous judges countdown.

* Yes Bryan’s food is getting tasted. Looks taysteeeee.

* In the next ad break Im going to make a crumpet.

* Wow why haven’t I talked about Eloise’s hair. It looks like a wave. Or a skate park ramp.

* Arum's Shrek food is delicious mmm.

* Eliza’s food is good.

* Hahaha Pete’s dish is called “Pete’s coconut” hahahaha. He is a creative genius #lovethisman

* I am a woman of my tweet and I made half vegemite and half maple for my crumpet. (Based on my twitter poll that got 50% 50%)

* Pete WON!

* And has subsequently shot himself in the foot.

* The chefs dish is like a vivid installation.

* This is the worst advantage. So much pressure. Everyone else now has 30 minutes to think in peace without the camera crew in their faces.

* Pete doesn’t seem like a conceptual type of guy tbh.

* Omg Pete is talking about worker bees and he is a worker crane driver!!! His concept is coming together!!

* Oh my fk someone just popped open a bottle of $60 champagne to cook with!!!!! Legit just get some passion pop and be done.

* Headband man looks like he would be at peace in the garden.

* Havn’t been paying attention tbh.

* But people are cooking!

* They are making desserts!

* Bryan is making a simple 10 element dish!

* Omg Pete’s dish legit sounds so cute. It's got little bees!!

* “Bingo bango there's me bees” - You will never guess who said this

* Bryan is having trouble not overachieving hahaha. (can’t relate)

* When ur sorbet/icecream goes wrong - put into blast chiller (This is written on the bottom of every ice-cream machine)

* What the heck is Sam doing using beets in his dessert??? I think he is secretly Dwight Schrute.

* Trent is not looking good. His dish however is looking beautiful, like a fairy garden.

* I wonder if people read their tweets before they tweet them because I do not.

* Fell asleep when Callan explained his dish. It’s v conceptional tho. There is perfume involved.

* Excited to shower and go to sleep asap.

* George hits the table with excitement.

* Thank god the ice cream episode is tomorrow. Im sick of the ads.

* Trent’s dish is simple. To the dungeon he goes!!!

* Diana has the judges drunk off EXPENSIVE BOOZE.

* Did George just say he doesn’t get it?? Samuel’s dish that is?? Its a plate of food not a recent episode of Dr who

* 6 minutes until I shower.

* Ooh yes Have you been paying attention is after this. - (written after MC ended) - No it’s not you idiot it’s sunday not monday.

* Is the beetroot a hit or a miss?? It’s a hit. But I almost forgot what was happening because the ad break was so long.

* Omg Bryan has done too much ): Nooooo buddy noooo. He needs a hug so bad rn.

* Yess Callan starts off the top 3. Joined by Sam and Diana.

* In the bottom 3, Bryan ): , Trent and Samuel.

Wait, what? I rushed doing my nails for #MasterChefAU and it's not even on at the same time as last week? Bah

the Masterchef executives now katy perry has a song called bon appetit

Is Pete a crane operator? Never knew that! #masterchefau

Why do people keep trying to invent new desserts when fried ice cream - the greatest dessert in history - already exists? #MasterChefAU

Seems George has had one too many vita gummies ... chill #MasterChefAU

Pete's dish looks like a fully operational Death Star #MasterChefAU

Pete just said "BINGO BANGO THERE'S ME BEES" and I will never be the same again. #MasterChefAU


So Trent & Samuel are in elimination tomorrow night. They're getting way too much airtime for people who have been invisible #masterchefau

Next week's hero ingredient will be meal replacement shake. #MasterChefAU

Bryan: Keep it simple. Also Bryan: #MasterChefAU

Just incase you lovely people missed it, I'm a crane operator! #MasterChefAU

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