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Oh wow what a great episode that I definitely saw!!!!

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* Just kidding - I didn't see it

* I missed the episode because I was working on a uni group project ):

* I was thinking of just catching it on 10 play

* But I kept putting it off

* And now it's Sunday and the next episode is about to start. Wait no I thought it started at 7 but it actually starts at 7:30 lol

* Modern family is on!! That show isn't as good as in the early seasons

* Anyway Benita went home last episode. I saw it on FB. Not surprised. Old people don't win Masterchef - it's just a fact of life.

* Anyway. Hope anyone reading this had a good weekend!

* I also got a job at Maccas, hope it doesn't jeopardise my 2k18 Masterchef application (because you can't have professional cooking experience) Haha this is a joke. Im not applying to masterchef. But I do work at Mcdonalds lol.

* Love u all xx

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