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Tonights episode was pretty waffly to being (hahha inside joke for everyone who saw the episode) and then took a sweet turn. The judges got crunk and made some questionable scoring decisions.

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* Michelle's bit in the title sequence is great. I love it when the stuff doesn’t go in the bowl.

* My tv was stuffing up just then so I missed out on the constants walking in. But I'm sure it was just like "omg it would be so totally rad if I could win the pin today", "I really want it".

* George explains the premise of the episode like we haven’t heard it all before. Anyone who has just moved to Australia and are watching Masterchef for the first time can just look up the Wikipedia.

* Is Sarah Japanese or is just a coincidence they cut to her when Matt was talking about eating waffles in Japan???

* THE GARDEN IS IN PLAY KIDS!!! Strap on your seat belts.

* MM I love coconut.

* Eloise has a whole chicken?? Were there no packets of thighs in the fake Coles shop?? V wasteful.

* Eloise is shaking like she has Parkinson’s :/ Stressed she will cut her whole arm off if she's not careful.

* Sam was smart and did some waffle tests. The tests were bad so he is chaining the recipe, smart.

* Eloise looks like she attempted to scramble eggs in her waffle machine. I guess this is why they told us she hasn’t got a recipe in her head.

* I don’t think Eloise goes through.

* And I doubt Sarah will cook again.

* So Sam is the likely winner.

* Sarah is running out of time!!

* Sarah whisks with the same intensity of a teen boy cleaning a plate on Omegle #haha #jokes #are #funny

* Sarah’s waffles aren’t waffly enough ): Needed more waffle.

* Sam’s waffles are popping. A bit too sugary tho. Is that a thing?

* George has kids????? Didn’t even know.

* Oh wait. Hold the phone. Eloise’s waffle is an ever bigger hit than Sam’s.

* Eloise goes through.

* This guy Charlie the chef for today legit sounds crazy. Why are some people so talented, he is only 23!!! ):

* Im about to Google him brb. He is single lol.

* Eloise has to pick between healthy and indulgent pantries.

* She picks indulgent and starts making a mousse then realises she has no eggs lololol.

* If only she had a can of chickpeas (; But that would probably be on the healthy side.

* Eloise spends 15 minutes figuring out what to replace eggs with lol.

* Charlie says that chocolate is something he would never have in his restaurant????? The fk? Don’t know if I can come your restaurant anymore buddy.

* In classic Masterchef style the chefs website crashes.

* Wow Eloise has actually made ice-cream successfully in the ice-cream machine?? #shooken

* 1 minute to go and nothing on Eloise’s plate.

* Someone says Charlie’s dish looks fantastic when in fact it looks like 3 fish fingers, mayonnaise and dodgy brown stuff. (On review there is only 2 fish fingers)

* The dish however is a hit - despite the evil ginger beer and mascarpone foam.

* I wonder who the judges will think made the dish with whisky in it??

* Take a shot of tequila whenever Eloise says the word whisky.

* Gary taking the spoon out of his mouth is literally the worst thing I have ever seen.

* Eloise's dish also looked quite unpleasant.

* Could be a tie tonight. They really loved Eloise’s dessert…

* Oh fk I was incorecto, she won by sooooo much.

* Nooo Charlie this is sad for you but you're already so successful so dw about it.

* Charlie legit could cry.

* However I don’t think Eloise will win the competition tho.

* Watch out Eloise George might stab you with that pin if you say anything to risky to him. #I #joke #I #joke

Final thoughts

* Wow someone won the pin thats pretty crazy.

* Hope she doesn't have to use it tomorrow tho.

* Where is the floating ice-cream it has been advertised for months now.

@clairesvoyant @PiaGavaCooks @PeteMorganAU @RaySilvaAU 😂😂😂

Seriously #MasterChefAU need to do some sponsorship deal with menulog or UberEATS where I can order waffles whilst watching TV

Watching Eloise chop that chicken while shaking like a leaf 🙈😓 #MasterchefAU

25 mins in and we haven't heard about the whisky bar yet #wow #MasterChefAU

When you give up magic to chase your love of food #masterchefau

judges are gonna know who made what as soon as they hear 'whiskey' #MasterChefAU

This is a "where are they now" special. Harry Potter has graduated from Hogwarts and become a chef #MasterChefAU

This tasting is aggressively sexual #MasterChefAU

Eloise has got this, because she's gotten the judges so pissed they forget to find any mistakes... #masterchefau

Charlie's already plotting his revenge...#MasterChefAU

#masterchefau good on Charlie for being such a good sport and such a gracious loser. Takes a lot to put yourself up for that.

Is Charlie Carrington the professional chef on #MasterchefAU tonight or is it the @BacheloretteAU's Rhys Chilton in…

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