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32 Reasons Why Mary Lambert Stays In Seattle Even Though Everything Is In L.A.

We still say "hella."

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1. Pike Place Market


"I live near Pike Place Market!! I am the luckiest girl in the world! The freshest produce known to man, beautifully cut flowers, Beecher's cheese, fresh seafood, Rachel's ginger brew (a company/store designated for ginger beer?!), and antique shops. In the winter they sell the most adorable wreaths and mistletoe. It's kind of perfect."


5. Same-sex marriage is totally legal.


"It-s just so ridiculously gay-friendly. I feel really badly for all of the heteros around. Like, they must feel really outnumbered. I was there when gay marriage passed, and everyone was celebrating in the street. People were drinking champagne in the street, doing shots in the street. Cops were drinking champagne in the street! It's a city that really cares about each other."


8. Kerry Hall at Cornish College


"It's a music building for Cornish College, and during the evenings when the sun is setting, you can take a walk around the older brick buildings and listen to people practice. In 5 minutes you can hear a jazz trumpet, an opera singer, and a songwriter pounding out tunes. Best walk ever!"


16. KEXP Radio

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"Seattle has KEXP radio, one of the best radio stations ever that is funded by it's people, not big business."


20. Rabbit Hole

Via Facebook: The-Rabbit-Hole

The bar scene is different in Seattle compared to Los Angeles because it's just calmer. You still have dives and stuff but not the level of artistry like there is in Seattle. I might be sounding pretentious right now. I know there are great craft cocktail bars in L.A. too, but it's just not done the way it is."


23. Bike lanes


"Bike lanes are the coolest. My favorite past time is flipping off cars from my bicycle. Just kidding, I'm more of a silent resentment kind of girl. I don't have a car in Seattle. I have a bike and Seattle has a car-to-go, a car-sharing program, so I take little smart cars wherever I need to go and then you can park them anywhere. It's so easy! There are one-way trips; they're like 38 cents a minute. I'm an ad right now."


28. The music scene

Some of my favorite bands are from Seattle. The band I'm in love with is Lemolo. What's neat about Seattle is that it's a city built on the community. So, there's a reason I'm here, and I have a record deal. That's because Macklemore put me on, and he put a bunch of people from Seattle on, because there's talented people in the city, and he wants to share that. It's a communal city that really wants to take care of its own, and I try to have that as much as I can for my business plan, too. Everybody's really kind to each other."

30. Hiking

"It's the best place you could possibly go to camp or hike. Mount Si is always a really fun hike to do. When I go camping, I like to go to Deception Pass."

32. Seattle's hella beautiful landscape

Michael Sterling/Michael Sterling

"You can't get anything like it. It may be gray every day the way that everybody says it is, but the second the sun comes out, it beats any other city that has ever had sunshine. It's perfect."

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