25 Reasons Why “The Biggest Loser’s” Jillian Michaels And Her Partner Are The Cutest Couple Ever

They are the biggest winners.

This is Jillian Michaels with her partner, Heidi Rhoades, and their two kids.

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In case you didn’t know, Jillian and Heidi are actually the cutest couple ever.

1. They are warriors because they got two kids in one week!

They had filed for adoption, and then Heidi found out she was pregnant. Both kids came within four days of each other!

2. They are probably the healthiest couple on earth.

Jillian is a bad ass trainer from The Biggest Loser and Heidi is a yoga instructor.



But they’re cute no matter what they’re doing…

3. Wearing cowboy hats with Suze Orman.

4. Lounging on boats in fabulous places.

5. …and then getting tired at the same time and going to bed.

Our first brief outing without the kids on our friends boat. This is what happened.

— Jillian Michaels (@JillianMichaels)

6. Posing with friends in fur coats.

UPDATE: Jillian told us her coat is actually fake fur!

7. Looking hot in costumes.

@Tharealmouse is looking for a tussle

— Jillian Michaels (@JillianMichaels)

8. Telling each other that they look gorgeous because they only speak the truth.

@Tharealmouse looking gorgeous at the Breaking Bad premier. Get excited! Season opener is INSANE!!

— Jillian Michaels (@JillianMichaels)

10. Getting taped for the Golden Globes.

Also, Jillian calls Heidi “Mouse,” and we DIE.

But Jillian and Heidi reach maximum cuteness with their kids…

11. Taking selfies all day long.

12. Calling their three-year-old adopted daughter, Lukensia, “Lu.” (the world’s most adorable nickname)

…and she likes to hang out at the Ellen studio, because, you know, don’t we all?

Lu kickin' it @TheEllenShow

— Jillian Michaels (@JillianMichaels)

13. Having the most adorable son, Phoenix.

Date night for me & the little man. Sushi bar at Nobu then we might have shared a chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

— Jillian Michaels (@JillianMichaels)

Look at that little face! (the kid’s face…)

@Tharealmouse and I head to Chi town... Men in tow.

— Jillian Michaels (@JillianMichaels)

14. When Jillian’s not around, Heidi lets the kids play with tarantulas.

This is the mayhem that happens when @Tharealmouse has the kids & I'm working. An F'ing tarantula!

— Jillian Michaels (@JillianMichaels)

15. Katy Perry hangs out with their daughter.

Mom of the year letting Lu meet @katyperry or arrested for child abuse letting her stay up till midnight to do it?

— Jillian Michaels (@JillianMichaels)

16. Loving food together.

Arrived in #Pittsburgh, then this happened at YOUR suggestion! You better be at my show Wed. We have work to do.

— Jillian Michaels (@JillianMichaels)

Their daughter is like, “Yes, I want that gingerbread cookie.”

17. Cuddling perfectly.

So happy to be home... #munchkinlove

— Jillian Michaels (@JillianMichaels)

…and sometimes eating their kids up.

My favorite snack...

— Jillian Michaels (@JillianMichaels)

18. Having legitimately perfect smiles.

19. Their daughter listens to Lady Gaga in her free time.

@monster_EU someone appreciates your phat beat.

— Jillian Michaels (@JillianMichaels)

20. Doing laundry and posing (obviously).

Alexandra Wyman / Getty

21. Having tickle fights.

23. Having heart-to-hearts with their kids over Skype.

24. Looking really snuggly in bed.


25. What can we say? They are the cutest couple ever.

Actually, they are the cutest family ever.

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