Emoji Piñata

    Perfect for a child's birthday party.

    Emoji Piñata


    1 large cardboard box

    Sharp knife/razor blade



    Yellow acrylic paint

    Crepe paper


    Black paper

    Glue stick

    30-foot rope/strong string


    1. Flatten a large cardboard box and use a large round object, like a large bowl or lazy susan, to trace and carefully cut out 2 circles.

    2. Measure and cut out a strip of cardboard that is 5 inches high and is long enough to wrap almost all the way around the the circles. Bend the cardboard and roll it up so it takes to a round shape easily.

    3. Wrap the strip around the circle piece, leaving a gap at the top. Tape the strip to the circle in a few random places and repeat with the top circle. Cut out another 5 inch high piece of cardboard and tape over the gap at the top to make a flap for when you’re ready to put the candy in.

    4. Paint the cardboard yellow and let dry completely.

    5. In the meantime, roll out the crepe paper into layers and carefully cut halfway up the crepe paper and repeat the cuts 1 inch apart. Roll the paper back up.

    6. Starting at the bottom, measure, cut, and glue the crepe paper to the cardboard in layers. Repeat on the round side as well as the other side of the piñata.

    7. Draw out the emoji expressions on black paper and cut out with scissors. Glue the faces onto the piñata.

    8. Use a sharp knife, or razor blade to make 2 cuts on either side of the flap at the top. Push rope or string into one side the piñata from the outside in, and come up and through the outside. Lift the piñata to find the middle point and tie a strong knot.

    9. Fill with candy and close the flap.

    10. String from a tree, or strong beam and have fun!