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    27 Magical Pins For People Who Are Obsessed With Fantasy

    Accio, PINS!

    1. This utterly perfect unicorn pin, that will definitely add a little magic to your life.

    2. These mermaids, who will remind you to just keep swimming.

    Pick them up from Ann Shen for $12 and $10, respectively.

    3. This pin, for when you're the head witch in charge.

    4. Let's be honest here, you need a pin that's as fabulous as you are.

    5. Your future definitely involves you wearing this pin.

    6. This proud declaration of your true self.

    7. These pins, that let everyone know who you are.

    8. This intricate cyclops pin, that's basically a work of art of mythological proportions.

    9. This mermaid, who is the definition of hair goals.

    10. The most adorable Nessie pin that will unloch your cold, dead heart.

    11. This baby unicorn pin that is so cute it almost hurts.

    12. A pin for when you need to hex somebody.

    13. This pin of a pile of glittery unicorn poo, because how could you not.

    14. This classic warlock hat pin, because '"yer a wizard, Harry."

    15. A reminder that witches and mermaids are better together.

    16. This trio of Harry Potter book pins, because this is probably where your magic obsession started.

    Buy them from Jane Mount on Etsy for $11 each.

    17. This pin, which is a gentle reminder to never give up on your dreams.

    18. The Sanderson Sisters trio, who will certainly put a spell on you.

    19. This glow-in-the-dark aliencorn pin, because the world is a weird and wonderful place.

    20. These little bottles of magic because now you CAN catch a star and put it on your pocket.

    21. Now this is a magic trick you should wear on your sleeve.

    22. Make sure this monster pin doesn't SWAMP your entire collection. (Whomp whomp whomp)

    23. And this is just a really pretty unicorn pin.

    24. A pin for your favorite daily activity.

    25. Can you resist the call of these sirens?

    26. A pin that's a combination of the two most magical things in the universe: unicorns, and ice cream.

    27. And finally, this daily reminder.