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    27 Magical Pins For People Who Are Obsessed With Fantasy

    Accio, PINS!

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    1. This utterly perfect unicorn pin, that will definitely add a little magic to your life.

    TeesAndTankYouShop /

    Pick one up from Tees and Tank You Shop on Etsy for $10.

    2. These mermaids, who will remind you to just keep swimming.

    Pick them up from Ann Shen for $12 and $10, respectively.

    3. This pin, for when you're the head witch in charge.

    Sara M. Lyons /

    Pick it up from Sara M. Lyons for $7.

    4. Let's be honest here, you need a pin that's as fabulous as you are.

    illiobyanngee /

    Buy it from Illio by Anngee on Etsy for $13.41.

    5. Your future definitely involves you wearing this pin.

    PunkyPins /

    Buy it from Punky Pins on Etsy for $9.05.

    6. This proud declaration of your true self.

    I Love Crafty /

    Buy it from I Love Crafty on Etsy for $10.

    7. These pins, that let everyone know who you are.

    Last Craft Designs /

    Pick 'em up from Last Craft Designs for $9 each.

    8. This intricate cyclops pin, that's basically a work of art of mythological proportions.

    SaladDaysPins /

    Buy him at Salad Days Pins on Etsy for $9.50.

    9. This mermaid, who is the definition of hair goals.

    SquidsGrotto /

    Buy it from Squids Grotto on Etsy for $10.

    10. The most adorable Nessie pin that will unloch your cold, dead heart.

    LuxCups /

    Snag it from Lux Cups on Etsy for $10.

    11. This baby unicorn pin that is so cute it almost hurts.

    WinkPins /

    Nab it from Wink Pins on Etsy for $12.

    12. A pin for when you need to hex somebody.

    Punky Pins /

    Buy it from Punky Pins on Etsy for $8.70.

    13. This pin of a pile of glittery unicorn poo, because how could you not.

    MightyPop /

    Buy it from Mighty Pop on Etsy for $9.05.

    14. This classic warlock hat pin, because '"yer a wizard, Harry."


    Snag it from Wizard of Barge on Etsy for $8.

    15. A reminder that witches and mermaids are better together.

    Robin Eisenberg /

    Buy it from Robin Eisenberg for $10.

    16. This trio of Harry Potter book pins, because this is probably where your magic obsession started.

    janemount /
    janemount /

    Buy them from Jane Mount on Etsy for $11 each.

    17. This pin, which is a gentle reminder to never give up on your dreams.

    LittleArrowStudio /

    Swoop it up from Little Arrow Studio for $10.

    18. The Sanderson Sisters trio, who will certainly put a spell on you.

    TeesAndTankYouShop /

    Buy the set at Tees and Tank You Shop on Etsy for $20.00.

    19. This glow-in-the-dark aliencorn pin, because the world is a weird and wonderful place.

    HeatherBuchanan /

    Abduct one from Heather Buchanan on Etsy for $9.

    20. These little bottles of magic because now you CAN catch a star and put it on your pocket.

    MidnightMauve /

    Buy one from Midnight Mauve on Etsy for $11.45.

    21. Now this is a magic trick you should wear on your sleeve.

    Free Radicals /

    Buy it from Free Radicals for $8.

    22. Make sure this monster pin doesn't SWAMP your entire collection. (Whomp whomp whomp)

    VictoriaRoussel /

    Pick it up from Victoria Roussel from Etsy for $5.73.

    23. And this is just a really pretty unicorn pin.

    I Love Crafty /

    Buy it from I Love Crafty on Etsy for $14.50.

    24. A pin for your favorite daily activity.

    Sarah Hell /

    Buy it from Sarah Hell on Etsy for $9.43.

    25. Can you resist the call of these sirens?

    Angela An /

    Buy one from Angela An for $10.

    26. A pin that's a combination of the two most magical things in the universe: unicorns, and ice cream.

    cocolemonade /

    Nab it from Coco Lemonade for $10.

    27. And finally, this daily reminder.

    HunnyBunch /

    Buy it from Hunny Bunch for $11.