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    19 Skincare Products For People With Oily Skin


    Alice Mongkongllite for BuzzFeed

    Life can feel rough when you've got oily skin.

    @galkajl / Via Twitter: @galkajl

    It's true that we probably won't get as many wrinkles later on, but for now, IT FEELS LIKE A GODDAMN HEX.

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    *blots face*

    Finding products that work can feel impossible, so we asked the BuzzFeed Community what skincare products have ACTUALLY helped them manage their oily skin.

    1. Using oils instead of traditional moisturizers, like this organic Jojoba oil for $13.95.

    @missperfectfashion_and_beauty / Via

    I know this sounds contradictory, but the best thing I’ve ever done for my oily face was to switch my moisturiser to oil. I use a blend of jojoba and argan oil with a little bit of lavender and tea tree oil mixed in for their anti-inflammatory properties. You only need a couple of drops each time, and I always put it on right after I shower / wash my face. — littleblip

    2. Lush's Coalface Solid Cleanser Bar for $13.95.

    @lushfrance / Via

    I swear by Coalface Cleanser at Lush. I'm oily AND prone to pimples and it's the only one I have tried that has helped with both oil and helping the breakouts. And I've tried many different facial cleaners over the years! — Amanda Niblett, Facebook

    3. Lab Series Oil Control Solution for $20.

    @hyungjooon / Via

    This product works amazingly on my skin, it is an alcohol based toner with some powder in it, it leaves your skin feeling very refreshed and matte. The whole range is amazing as well!! — Abelpoony

    4. Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder for $12.

    @hellocosmetico / Via

    Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder has been so amazing for my skin. It's a pale green powder that reduces the visibility of pores, conceals redness, and prevents oil. It's a great product to wear under foundation, on its own, or to just use as a treatment. — Alison Whitney, Facebook

    5. Use a Konjac sponge for about $13 to cleanse your face.

    @heavenlypure / Via

    You use it to wash your face with your normal (hopefully low pH) cleanser. Does a great job of exfoliating without being harsh like scrubs that tend to dry out and irritate, which only causes your poor skin to make more oils in self-defense. Plus, it makes your cleanser all bubbly! — Liz Bohnen, Facebook

    6. Lush's Ultrabland Cleanser for $17.95.

    @curlyandwordy / Via

    It’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever done for my face. It has beeswax, rosehip, and a bunch of other great stuff. It’s a built in lotion. I use it morning and night. — caityr44b746b99

    7. Vasanti's Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator for $34. / Via

    Hands down the best exfoliator I have used. A little pricy, but completely worth it. You don't need to use much it lasts so long. — ohyeahjen

    8. Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Moisturizer for $18.99.

    @jenifergarciaxox / Via

    I use Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Moisturizer as my daily face lotion and it does wonders. It makes my face look matte all day by keeping my facial oils in check, as well as keeping it protected with SPF 30! — piajeraldinem

    9. Kiehl's Blue Herbal Collection for $18 - $27.

    10. Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask for $26.

    @48599hollywood / Via

    The Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask is AMAZING at cleaning my pores and keeping my oil at bay. — brianab419c3224a

    11. Kate Somerville's Exfolikate Exfoliator for $24.

    @eclecticcaramel / Via

    Also, the Exfolikate exfoliator is great for getting rid of all the dead skin and making your face feel like a baby’s butt. — brianab419c3224a

    12. It Works Cleanser for $49.99 and It Works Exfoliating Peel for $42.99.

    @adrianna_moratti / Via

    Nothing worked to keep my skin even remotely less oily. I tried wipes, like 30 face washes, medication. Then gave these a try at the recommendation of a friend. They are perfect for sensitive skin too and even got rid of my “bacne.” — ashleylynnb458edcf46

    13. Gold Clover Fresh Face Tallow Whip for $35.

    @laurenstahler / Via

    Gold Clover Fresh Face Tallow balm/whip is amazing! I use it after I wash my face as a moisturizer, and it keeps my skin smooth and hydrated without making it oily. — lyndsayp4e0a400ff

    14. Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil for $57.

    @lulustash / Via

    It’s completely transformed my skin! Plus the bottle lasts forever. Just make sure you give your skin a couple weeks to get used to it. — meganl4ece23d40

    15. African Black Soap for $4.99. / Via

    Bought a huge bar on Amazon for about $10! It’s natural, and soft so I made it into a liquid and I use it as shampoo for oily hair. — baileymartin

    16. Drink more water! Be sure to use a reusable water bottle, like this Swell bottle for $35.

    @joodypoo / Via

    I have super oily skin and my esthetician told me it was actually because my skin was dehydrated and I wasn't exfoliating enough. Drink, drink, drink your water, exfoliate that shit and find a really good moisturizer. — Krystal Pearson, Facebook

    17. Tea Tree Oil like this Body Shop mattifying moisturizer for $9. / Via

    Tea tree oil is my go to for combating my oily and break out prone skin. I just mix about a half a cup of water and half a teaspoon of tea tree oil and apply with a q-tip and in about 3 days, voila! It works great for people like me who can’t resist popping their pimples and thanks to tea tree oil I’ve been spared many scars and stubborn disgusting break outs. — belisles1601

    18. Palladio Oil Absorbing Rice Powder for $4.99. / Via

    Palladio Rice Powder. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it forever. SO helpful! — erins45c7d8cda

    19. Beautycounter Balancing Face Oil for $68. / Via

    Beautycounter Balancing Face Oil has completely changed my skin. And I only use THREE drops a night!! It’s also safe, nontoxic, and natural. — marycatherineh3

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