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    16 Feminist Pins That Stick It To The Man

    If you like it then you should put a pin on it.

    1. A pin that reminds everyone that it's your body, and you're in control.

    2. This pin, for when "Squad Goals" just doesn't cut it.

    3. A pin that just comes right out and says it.

    4. A set of pins that are awesome. Period.

    5. This pin, for when you want equal rights, and you want them meow.

    6. A pin for the OG goddess.

    7. This pin, which reminds you to fight the patriarchy whether it's moonlight or daylight.

    8. These pair of pins that are literally the tits. #freethenipple

    9. This pin that doesn't conform to your gender and beauty standards.

    10. A pin for when you have an agenda.

    11. This pin, for when you just can't.

    12. A pin for when you know what you want to wear.

    13. This pin, for when we're in a drought.

    14. A pin that reminds you that while you don't have to have ovaries or a uterus to be a woman, you can pin 'em on your jacket.

    15. A pin to remind people that the only calling they should be doing is on a phone.

    16. And finally, a pin that reminds everyone who runs the world.