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    26 Beauty Products That Will Make You Feel Like A Mermaid Princess

    Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? You need it all to make your collection complete.

    1. This makeup brush collection that comes in a perfect shell case.

    @jadezammitstevens / Via

    Snag 'em from Spectrum Collections for £59.99.

    2. A hydrating seawater stick that cools and refreshes your skin.

    Urban Outfitters / Via

    Buy it from Milk Makeup for $24.

    3. This festival pack, that comes with four pods of various gems/glitters, and mermaid-ready eyelashes.

    FromNicLove / Via

    Buy it from From Nic Love on Etsy for $29.98.

    4. This iridescent shimmery cream lipstick, that is simply mermaid perfection.

    Too Faced /
    Too Faced /

    Pick it up from Too Faced for $22.

    5. This handy little clam that makes cleaning your makeup brushes a splash.

    Spectrum Collections / Via

    Snag it from Spectrum Collections for £8.99.

    6. A 100% kelp mask for ultra hydration and instantly glowing, mermaidy, skin.

    Glow Recipe / Via

    Buy it from Glow Recipe for $14.

    7. Some breathtaking handmade and 100% vegan eyeshadow, in the perfect shade for any mermaid.

    TheChequeredLily / Via

    Buy it from The Chequered Lily on Etsy for $4.99.

    8. These gorgeous little hair pearls that will upgrade any 'do.

    Free People /

    Buy them from Free People for $12.

    9. These illuminating pearls that will have your face looking bright and gorgeous.

    Guerlain / Via

    Buy 'em from Sephora for $62.

    10. This trio of lipsticks that capture the bright beauty of coral reefs and tropical fish.

    Jeffree Star Cosmetics /
    Jeffree Star Cosmetics /
    Jeffree Star Cosmetics /

    Buy them from Jeffree Star Cosmetics for $18 each.

    11. LUSH's cult-favorite solid shampoo, made from sea based ingredients, that promises volume and shine for your mermaid tresses.

    LUSH / Via

    Buy it from LUSH for $11.95.

    12. This handmade mask has only 100% Hawai'ian ingredients and will leave you looking like a merqueen.

    Leahlani Skincare / Via

    Buy it from

    13. This handmade and cruelty free nail polish that won't harm your fishy friends.

    Buy it from I Love NP for $12.50.

    14. This duo of highlighters will ensure you have that mermaid ~aura.~

    roxxie_jay / Via

    Buy the Mermaid Fantasy and Supernova editions from Artist Couture for $26.99 each.

    15. A coconut-sea salt spray, so you don't have to sacrifice softness for those perfect mermaid waves.

    Buy it from Urban Outfitters for $15.

    16. This fatty pearl that's a makeup remover and cleanser, but mostly just a big fat pearl.

    Chanel / Via

    Buy it from Chanel for $60. (I know, I know, but it's A BIG FAT PEARL.)

    17. These holographic and iridescent lip glosses that are the essence of mermaid glamour.

    Buy 'em from FierceMagenta on Etsy for $9.69.

    18. Some temporary hair shadow, for when you want mermaid hair but can't commit.

    Free People / Via

    Buy it from Free People for $18.

    19. This two-toned, handmade, and vegan eyeshadow that will leave your lids looking like you rose out of the foam like Aphrodite.

    Buy it from MoonGlimmerCosmetics for $5.50.

    20. This shelly makeup brush roll.

    Spectrum Collections /
    Spectrum Collections /

    Get it from Spectrum Collections for £24.99.

    21. Some all-natural seaweed soap that will leave you with perfectly moisturized skin.

    Anthropologie / Via

    Buy it from Anthropologie for $7.

    22. Some cruelty-free dry shampoo, for when your mermaid hair needs a little pick-me-up.

    Captain Blankenship / Via

    Buy it at Sephora for $14.

    23. A bottle of little pearls that will make any mani into a ~mermaid~ mani.

    Procrastinails /

    Buy the mini from Sephora for $8.

    24. This ocean salt scrub from LUSH that pulls away impurities as it balances and brightens your skin.

    LUSH / Via

    Buy it from LUSH for $36.95.

    25. A mask made from the sea, that promises a ~radiant~ glow.

    Urban Outfitters / Via

    Buy it from Urban Outfitters for $25.

    26. A pack of sand dollar soaps so your guests can feel like mermaids too.

    Tuvalu Home / Via

    Buy 'em from Tuvalu Home for $14.