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16 Highly Rated Makeup Brushes That Are Prettier Than You

I will take them all thank you very much.

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3. Or how about a heart brush that is definitively the cutest freaking brush on EARTH.

4. This 10-piece set is perfect for *~*highlighting*~* your inner goth.

@unicornlashesuk / Via

Snag the 10-piece set from Unicorn Lashes UK for about $61.17. (Comes in either black and gold, or rose gold, and each set comes with it's own diamond-shaped brush bag!)


9. This line of Pantone-inspired ombre brushes is simply perfection.

@vdl_cosmetics / Via, @vd_stylist / Via, VDL Cosmetics / Via

Get the four piece Serenity and Rose Quartz Pantone set here, and the two piece mini pastel set here for $57.99 and $34.99, respectively.

10. These white and rose gold brushes are perfect for anyone who likes a minimalist look.

Ooh Fabulous! / Via

Buy the set of 10 brushes from Ooh Fabulous! for $94. (The set also comes with a little ~free~ brush cleaner gift)


14. For all the tropical mermaids of the world, this ombre pink set with an iridescent shell case is literal perfection.

@SpectrumCollections / Via

Pick up the set of 12 from Spectrum Collections for $97.20. They come with the iridescent roll, or a shell purse, if that's more your thing.


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